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One-Stop Solution

Forget the hassle of juggling multiple contractors. With Cedar Ridge, you receive comprehensive services under one roof. We handle everything from precise grading for new constructions to detailed landscape design and long-term maintenance.

Tailored for Builders & Homeowners

Whether you’re a custom builder looking for a reliable landscaping partner or a homeowner seeking to enhance your property’s aesthetic and functionality, we have the expertise to support your goals. Our team is skilled in navigating complex projects, ensuring timely and outstanding results.

Commitment to Excellence

We don’t just create landscapes; we create lasting partnerships. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every lawn we design and every relationship we build.



Transform your outdoor spaces with our expert design services that reflect your style and meet functional needs.


From routine maintenance to advanced care, our management services ensure your landscape remains pristine year-round.


Essential for any new construction, our grading services set the foundation for perfect landscaping outcomes.

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