This is what we do.


At Cedar Ridge Landscaping, we pride ourselves on the ability to complete your project from start to finish. Our mission is to provide quality services with integrity and accountability. Whatever the need, let us be your trusted team.


No matter the state of your yard, we can make it look better. Our team will lay down beautiful new sod to spruce up your yard, big or small. We can plant virtually any species of grass of your choice. Pricing depends on the size of the job, the type of grass desired, and the grade of the terrain being covered.

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls are beneficial for lateral soil retention, no matter how much loose soil there is. The blocks are laid and built with an interlocking system. Prices vary based on size of the wall.

Plants, Shrubs, & Trees

Looking to beautify your yard? We're here to help! If you've already purchased your greenery, we can help plant them where you'd like. Or, you can order your trees, plants, or shrubs directly from us, and we'll plant them anywhere you want. Tree, plant, and shrub prices vary based on species and quantity.


What’s your vision?


Have irrigation issues? We're here to help. If your yard needs new or replacement sprinklers, we can plant sprinkler heads around your yard in strategic locations, to ensure that the entire yard receives an adequate amount of water. Pricing varies based on the amount of sprinkler heads necessary.
If you’re looking for additional services not listed here or would like to learn more about our residential and commercial landscaping services, please click the link below to contact us.

Landscape Maintenance

Lawn maintenance program
• Mowing • Edging • Trimming • Blowing
Ornamental trug programs
• Pre-emerge • Post-emerge • Fertilization
• Fire ant control


Looking to liven up your backyard? Adding a walkway or paver can help! We offer a wide variety of stones, as well as optional shrubs in between stones to improve your overall backyard aesthetic. Pricing varies based on stone type and walkway size.

Mulch & River Stones

Mulch and river stones make a great improvement to any yard! Rock Fyre ivory stones will look beautiful as a buffer between the grass in your yard and your home. Prices vary based on the amount of stones required.

Grading & Drainage

Uneven landscapes make even the most skilled gardeners want to give up. But don't worry, your yard can be as even as you'd like. We can level out the grading of your yard, making it much easier to complete any of your gardening goals! Pricing varies based on scope of the project.

Outdoor Lighting

No yard or lawn is truly complete without just the right set of lights to keep your yard glowing all night long. We have a large selection to choose from. Or, if you've already decided on which light fixtures you want, we're here to help you install them.